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We provide deep cleaning for area rugs of all kinds.

When it comes to removing urine from area rugs, we are the best in the Hudson Valley. We provide thorough deep cleaning and deodorizing.


Each rug is thoroughly vacuumed to remove and dirt and allergen build up. Vacuuming is the first important step to restoring you rugs cleanliness.

Deep Cleaning

We provide deep cleaning for each rug. If your rug has a label on the back, we always clean it accordingly. Many rugs are sensitive depending on it’s development. Therefore we clean them with care.


Many of our customers call us to help remove pet urine. Our technicians are trained to deodorize rugs to leave them smelling great. Let us know if you would like to select this valuable service.

                                   **Special details: All synthetic rugs qualify for the 2 for $89.00**
"We usually can clean most carpets in home, however, we do provide pick up and drop off services"
                                    "Only $20 fee for pick up and drop off within the local area"
                                                                "Call now for a custom quote"

Hudson Valley Carpet cleaning did an expert job on a very tough case: cat pee on a leather couch without removable cushions. If you’ve ever tried to get the smell of cat urine out of furniture or carpet, you know that it is next to impossible. These were heirloom couches and I was heartbroken that the odor may never come out. They used a special combination of enzymatic cleaners that work with the chemistry of the urine to remove the scent. This was a tough case and he came back two more times until the smell was completely gone and he did not charge me for the extra visits. I would not hesitate to hire them for any furniture or carpet cleaning needs you have..

Evangeline Heath

Let’s restore the freshness of your rugs..